Can I take MacuShield?

  • Can I take MacuShield if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

    Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before taking MacuShield products.

  • I’m a vegetarian/vegan, can I take MacuShield®?

    Yes. MacuShield® Original+ Vegetarian is suitable for vegetarians, while MacuShield® Original Chewable is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

  • I have diabetes, can I take MacuShield®?

    Yes – neither MacuShield® Original+, Original+ Vegetarian nor MacuShield® Gold contain any sucrose (sugar).

    MacuShield Chewable contains glucose syrup. Speak to your doctor or pharmacist before taking this product.

  • I smoke/used to smoke, can I take MacuShield®?

    Yes, as none of the MacuShield® range contains beta-carotene. But if you’re concerned about suitability, please do talk to your healthcare professional.


  • I have more questions

    No problem, we’re happy to hear from you and answer any remaining queries. Please get in touch.


  • I’d like to try MacuShield®, where can I buy it?

    Luckily it’s not hard to find MacuShield, it’s sold in Boots stores across the UK, as well as many high street pharmacies and opticians.  Or if you’d rather buy online, we’re stocked on,, and Amazon.


  • How do you source the macular carotenoids for MacuShield®?

    We get all three carotenoids for our formulas from the Mexican marigold flower (its Latin name is Tagetes erecta). These are grown and sourced specifically for MacuShield®.

  • I don’t understand carotenoids, can you explain?

    We don’t blame you, it’s complex stuff. But we’re happy to explain – in fact we have a section of this website dedicated to breaking down the science behind carotenoids.

  • Can I get macular carotenoids in my diet?

    You can. The average Western diet contains between 1.3-3mg carotenoids per day. Dark green leafy veg, brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, and fish such as salmon, sardine and trout are good sources.

    MacuShield® products are nutritional supplements and do not replace a nutritionally balanced diet.

  • Should I choose MacuShield® Original+ or MacuShield® Gold?

    Both products contain all three macular carotenoids in the same quantities, but MacuShield Gold is our most advanced formula. It contains zinc to help maintain normal vision, and copper, vitamin C and vitamin E, all of which help to protect cells from oxidative stress.

* Macushield Original+, Chewable and Original+ Vegetarian contain vitamin B2 which helps maintain normal vision. MacuShield Gold contains Zinc which helps maintain normal vision.

JB-001834 December 2022