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Should I take supplements for my eye health?

Much like you would choose foods to benefit certain parts of your body such as your heart, skin, bones and muscles, eating the right foods can nourish your eyes too.

Scientific research shows that at the back of the eye, in the macula, are three nutrients: Lutein, meso-zeaxanthin and zeaxanthin. These nutrients, naturally occurring in some fruit and vegetables, form the macular pigment.

Lutein is often referred to as “the eye vitamin”. It is an antioxidant that can be found in dark, leafy vegetables and occurs naturally in the macula at the back of the eye. Lutein helps to protect against the general effects of eye wear and tear as we get older and can help to filter high energy blue and UV rays.

Zeaxanthin is typically found in brightly coloured fruit and vegetables and likelutein, is an antioxidant that is concentrated at the macula.

Meso-zeaxanthin is particularly concentrated at the centre of the macular pigment. Meso-zeaxanthin is also present in some species of fish and seafood.

MacuShield is the leading supplement that uniquely has all three of these nutrients found at the macula and can help maintain normal vision.

Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration, commonly referred to as Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), covers a range of conditions that affect the macula. The conditions affect your central vision, limiting your ability in tasks such as reading or watching television. Typically, you may notice that straight lines appear wavy or there are patches missing from your vision.

If you’re concerned about any of these symptoms, you should consult an optometrist straight away.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a macular condition, you may have been given lots of information already. However, there are a number of excellent charities and resources you can refer to for further information. You can find a list of these below.

List of country specific resources

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